WOW!!! Summer Palace

It takes an hour and half to get to the Summer Palace, you should never take the bus to reach the Summer Palace in the mid noon!
But when you arrive there and walk near the lake, it is totally worth of it!!!!
Guess what?! The last queen of China Cixi is totally crazy!!!! You just can’t imagine how she enjoyed her sightseeing there!!! Sometimes, she acted as the female buddha, KwanYin, to travel on the lake. Sometimes, she played as a little young lady to collect the lotus. Wow, totally disgusting!!!!!

It is really gorgeous!!!! But you have to wear several layers of sunblock to prevent over tanned. haha~
And I met an American here who plays poi, see History of Poi. I thought he was playing kung fu. Poi is a tool for you to strengthen your body in New Zealand. Haha~~ Yap, it is also a good place to play Kung Fu here!!! LOL!!

So, finally, I understand why the old true blood would rather go to the Summer Palace than stay in the Forbidden City. 


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