On the road … Work out babe!

Ooooh Work Out!!
Well, working out is not only about turning your body into a perfect shape (Come on we are not the gays in Sexy and I know It, we dun need to be sexy), but to have a healthy body. Plus, please do not turn your body into an extremely muscular one! Having extreme muscle is sort of rebelling your natural body. I just hate that!

Anyway, take your time and run with your dog. This is a life style that most of the Hong Kongers forget about. Run Run Run and Cheer up!! Don’t let your lazy and fat tear you down.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    dont let you lazy and fat tear you down, Tsang!! Let's guess who I am! But I don't think that you can figure it out=p

  2. swingsnowman says:

    Well I dunno who u are =[=[=[
    I am not that fat and lazy anyway \./ work hard!

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