Inspiration … What you should avoid when you try to FLIRT!



Well, I am not a FLIRT MASTER, though I am not a FLIRTING MASTER, at  least I know a bit of flirting skills.  Anyway, here is a funny story of me recently.

I was wandering around in a book shop, Page One – pretending to be knowledgeable lol. All of sudden, somebody dropped by and I heard “Halo! I think you are so pretty!”

Well, for sure I was like hahahahaha. When I turned around, he was a Chinese (not discriminating!!!)

We chatted, asking about our daily life, occupation and blah blah blah. He asked me where I am from, I said for sure I am from Hong Kong. Well, he is Chinese for sure. I was wondering why he spoke English with me at first. Anyway…

We kept on chatting. Finally he asked the extraordinary crucial question – “Do you have boyfriend?”

I am a perfect girlfriend ( that’s how i think). Of  course, I answered him I do have boyfriend. He was literally shocked. Plus, his mouth turned to an O shape for 2 second. Well, how embrarrassing it was. We chatted for a few seconds. Then I go.

I am not talking about some golden rule. It’s just common sense to possess several preparations for everything, including flirting. Moreover, I understand that task needs to completed in fast pace, but not relationship. So, it is not gentle to set up an interviewing environment and asking about gf-bf stuff obviously. Haha, it’s just super awkward.

Anyway, I am so happy that I m still kind of attractive hee hee.


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