Inspiration … What is your favorite cartoon character?

Last night, my dear sent me some Stitch stickers in WeChat. I was entirely delighted by that Stitch’s cuteness.
(P.S. My dear always comments that I really look like Stitch Rrrrrrrrh!)

Well, you cannot deny the fact that we all are influenced by cartoon characters in our childhood. In Hong Kong, a place where east meets west, we watch both Japanese cartoons and Disney’s, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Princess’s Series, Lion King …… Which cartoon character is the most influencer in your life?

I like Stitch because of the affinity between us lol. Nevertheless, the most influencing cartoon character to me is Simba!


I have watched Lion King for more than 5 times … And I always cry for its touching scenes – it feels like something touching your heart/ emotion. Humm, I can say the reason why Simba is the best buddy in my childhood is it relates to my own experience.

Well, when I watch the Japanese cartoon, I feel like it can never give you the same feeling like Simba, especially those Power Ranger series fighting with weird monsters. Something I don’t understand is that – how can Sailor Moon became nude and got changed in the public. All I see is violence and weird characters. Anyway, I believe that violence is not a behavior that kids should learn.

And… Japanese cartoon is so bizarre. I always love Stitch and Simba.



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