Inspiration … Moonwalker

Recently, I participated an event called MOONWALKER organized by Orbis.

1890513_10152903865840628_5186095199374188843_o 1548130_10152904098390628_7411958951214168226_o

This was my first time to join the event. You had to walk for 20KM in the mid-night! I am not kidding, IT’S 20 KM! I really couldn’t believe that I was able to finish it.

Thinking that we can start on time at 11:30pm, we met each other at 10:45pm. Worst thing happened – we were tortured at the preparation point for 1.5 hr. It’s a physical and mental torture. OMG.

Later on, we kept on walking. There were 5 checkpoints for you to rest, check-in, peepee and eat! At the first check point, we had to complete a task – walk for 400m with blinded eyes (covered by eye mask)for 30 mins lol . In between, you passed through some unknown creature and smell. So basically, everybody screamed lol. Then, we kept on walking.

In the last 5 km, it was like hell! I was tired, sleepy, painful and had fatigue. No matter what, we all determined to complete the 20 km in the midnight. In the end, we arrived at the destination at 6:30 in the morning! WE COMPLETED 20 KM IN 6 HOURS IN THE MIDNIGHT!

It is an meaningful event organized by Orbis. Hopefully, most of my money will be really donated to the needed.

Next year, I will set a challenging goal…… walk for 100km in 48 hrs?


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