Little Stuff #2 Lazy girl to deal with winter skin


I have to admit that I am super lazy, crazily lazy in terms of dealing with myself / the daily life. Well, normal girls go for facial treatments probably twice a month. For me, I seldom go there unless there is free trial ( how greedy I am, but I will go until I find a treatment which is suitable for me).

Few days before, I went for a facial treatment (finally). That professional lady shared some beauty stuff with me. Well, it is public knowledge that metabolism rate of female changes after entering 25, which means the way you do skincare needs to be different. I am marginally to be 25 (I am no longer that young …), that’s why I have a deep feel regarding to this.

This winter, I feel like the skin is exceptionally dry. Deep hydration is needed. I have been a big fans of Vichy since studying in the uni. The hydration product is quite working for my sensitive skin. That lady also told me that apart from daily skincare, hydration mask is abso-certain-lutely necessary during winter. If we neglect these typical skincare, wrinkles will appeared sooooon.

Hopefully, doing daily hydrating skincare will still be enough for me, a super lazy girl.

So what is your daily skincare during winter?

P.S. I am not promoting Vichy, just to share something that I got recently .


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