Inspiration … How realistic you are?



Hi buddies! I got some good news to share. I GO PROMOTED TO A NEW POSITION.

For sure it’s not only a simple promotion. There is a short story behind.

I have completed a so-called trainee program in worldwide leading F&B MNC in Mid-October. Early in November, I finally received a confirmation letter stating that “Ms Tsang has completed ……. You are now promoted to a new position…… with the salary $ XXXXX (which is lower than my expectation, ZU BILLIG!)……” When the HR manager gave me that letter and explained all the tedious terms to me. I didn’t give any response to him. Because there is no point for me to negotiate at all. He commented ” I know the salary is not up to benchmark ( Scheiße!!). Therefore, you should aim for promotion instead of the annual salary increment every year……” I still didn’t say anything, I left.

This totally lowers my morale for several weeks.

Early in the week before, I received another confidential letter from HR, saying that my position is re-titled with extra salary increment. The first question I asked was ” Wasn’t there any well arrangement before the promotion?”. That HR lady just murmured. Anyway, my morale was than significantly boomed a bit. I felt like WOW, FINALLY I AM RESPECTED XD.

I think about the whole promotion stuff again and again – that several bucks could really bribe you, at least for extra several months. Meanwhile, it also implies that you need to do more works. That extra works is worth of that several hundred bucks. So how realistic I am! Ok, it’s not only me, but how realistic the working environment is.


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