Here and there … Clockenflap

Clockenflap : Hong Kong Music and Art’s Festival was held this weekend. I have been waiting for it for an entire year. ( I am not kidding because it is fucking awesome!)

We were there on Saturday. You can find different types of music all over the world. The best show on Saturday is the performance from Ozomatli(We unanimously agree on it! Even better than Travis and Rudimental! ). Melding with latin, rock, hip-hop, reggae and multi-cultural elements made the entire crowd grooveeeee.


SHARE THE LOVE & PEACE ( Share the “SOMETHING” version)

Well… for sure the best combination with reggae music is the ” SOMETHING” ( You know what I mean!).
My BF Thily was so smart… When he took the “SOMETHING” out, lightened it up, everybody was looking at him. Nope, it should be staring at him with the envied eyes. We took several puff, the others started borrowing the “SOMETHING”. A girl who is under 18 (I guess) asked us for 2 puff. She then almost passed out, cheek turned to pale. WOW!!!!!! We were like, ooooh shoooooot!!!!! Luckily, she was alright after awhile later.

At the end of Ozomatli’s show, all of them suddenly jumped out and moved to the crowd – Keep performing with the crowd!!
Everybody grooooooved and grooooooved and got crazy!



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