Here and There … in HK

Weeks ago, my friend Sandra visited me here in HK. So, I pretended a tourist and travel in HK.

IMG_20141123_165927 ok


We did a 360 visit of Victoria Harbour. After the 360 visit, I realize why HK is a must-visit place in the world.

1. Go to the highest bar in the world – OZONE, to glance the night of Victoria Harbour
2. The Peak ( for sure!)
3. Take the Star Ferry – Close look of Victoria Harbour
4. The Light Show (Well, personally I feel like it is a waste of energy, even without the light show, the view is already perfect!)


IMG_20141123_140812 ok

Actually, I have been living in HK for more than 24 years, I still find that there is a lot more to discover……. Really A LOT!



The best part of this trip is the sunset on the Peak. How romantic it is!!


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  1. yup… love the sunset shot. I was there too to see and take shots of the sunset. Lovely!!!!

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