Inspiration… All are guests – homecoming 身是客歸來

DSC_0615 - Experimental

For sure I am not artistic enough to understand what the video installation depicts. But, I really enjoyed the experience in the museum. Recap in Cantonese: 藝術D野你識D乜啊?

I think… ART is more about telling a story through the selected medium. Only the artist knows what he/she wants to explain. Is it necessary for us to understand what they are trying to depict? No, I don’t think so. You just need to be indulged in the environment that the artist tries so hard to create. What they want is to share the feeling with you. That’s what I think as a half-artist XD.

P.S. Hong Kong Museum of Art is an awesome place. Actually, there are a lot of fantastic museums here. Have you been there yet?




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