Here and There… Phi Phi Islands

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How can you miss Phi Phi Islands when you are in Phuket? We booked a local tour online, which was 1800Bht per person. Chauffeur came to hotel for picking up. This was a 40-persons joined tour. We took a speed boat for an hour. It is highly recommended to sit at the front (regardless it was extremely hot!!).

Phi Phi Islands were completely destroyed during the tsunami in 2004. However, you will be amazed how it is recovered there. Clear blue water, gigantic cliff and some marine animals.

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There are tons of place to do scuba diving or snorkeling in Asia. Perhaps, frankly, Phi Phi Islands are not the first place for doing these two activities……  You can see thousands of fish in front of you in Sabah. Here, there only several fish which you can count with your fingers and plenty of sea urchin. Maybe it would be better if you bring some break to feed in the sea which is prohibited. People said it is due to the catastrophic tsunami in 2004, who knows? Anyway, we had a good time there apart from the scrutiny by the crowd.

DSC_0732 done It is not allowed to feed the animals, no matter they are marine animals or monkeys. Yes, there is a monkey island there which there are far less monkeys than before. As the best tour guide said, monkeys got used to be fed. They will only show up when they feel hungry. Poor monkey…… They told us the natural environment is partly destroyed as there are too many tourists! I can see that he did feel sad about his home town.

Anyway, I have to say he is the best tour guide. I made an accident – dropping the snorkeling goggle to the deep sea. He dived for 10m and bring it back to me. Salute to Kenny. (He always has the huge smile!)


To have a day trip in Phi Phi Islands or more, you can enjoy a day tour like us too. 3400 Bht, including the snorkelling goggle and lunch (with discount for early bird)

P.S. Ruk Talay Travel Co. is also recommended by Tripadvisor. XD


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