Here and There … Galleries in Phuket Town

DSC_0824 done


I guess galleries in Phuket Town for sure is the hidden gem. You can do a contemporary art treasure hunt here in the Soi ( the narrow street ). You will be amazed by the artists’ fanatically creative ideas.




Well, narrow street is everywhere in all the countries. But, they are distinct from each other. The one in Phuket is full of Sino-Portuguese characteristics.  I am not well familiarized with architecture. I am fond of the vintage Thai style.



I could say you will be totally attracted by the romantic and vintage in Soi Romanee. I think the Thai Government did pay a large of effort to make this impressive renovation. You can also see the Chinese element here because some Chinese lived here. Lantern and wordings at each entrance symbolize good fortune. During night time, it is even more romantic.


One hilarious characteristic of the Soi in Phuket Town is that electrical wire are widely spread up in the air. Wow, will there be any electrical short?

Anyway, it is an amazing place to hang around. During night time, you will have some surprised in the bar nearby.


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