Here and There… Wat Chalong


Phuket is not a highly developed metropolitan. Do not put any high expectation to the transportation system. Plus, you cannot really bike or walk around Phuket if you want to explore. That is why we rented a car and drove for whole day, getting around in Phuket.

Renting car is around 1000BHT. Another option is to rent a motor cycle which a lot of tourists do. If you cannot drive, no worry, actuallythere are a lot of tuk tuk drivers here and there around your hotels in the morning. They would offer you 6 hrs drive in Phuket for around 700BHT, such a good deal. (P.S. they are good at bargaining!)

First stop is Wat Chalong, which is the most important temple in Phuket. Thank God Google GPS works here! We choose the first choice in Google Map…… Driving in Phuket is not difficult, at least people have discipline. After 15 mins, we arrived somewhere like “Wat Chalong” where is without a pagoda. After several minutes, we found out it is not the Wat Chalong…  What the hell is Google Map doing!! We searched again and finally we arrived the real Wat Chalong.

IMG_7815Temples in Asia are totally distinct from each countries. I found that all the decorations in Thai temples are so colorful and bling bling. I am not kidding! From the gate to the pillar, you can find the colorful bling bling coating everywhere. One the block is for worshiping. You have to take out the shoes to get in, worship with giving some flowers. This is just like the practices in Sri Lanka. Another block is the pagoda, where you can find the relic.

To me, it is not an extraordinary touristic spot. However, when you are in Asia, visiting temples for sure is a must. Wat Chalong will not disappoint you.



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