Inspiration … Where is this?

DSC_0859Last week, one of my colleagues from Beijing came for coaching visit ( See how supportive they are XOXO!). He brought his wife here as well for vacation, a slaughtering vacation (e.g. Shopping whole day in fashion store, perfume boutique, beauty counter).

They stayed in the sub-urban area, where there are still some 40 floors height buildings surrounding by. The difference is that the luxurious brand or flagship stores are absent here. Meanwhile, some 50-year-old residential area is everywhere. On the first day in HK, his wife commented ” How come this is so difference from the movie scene!” . Obviously, foreigners / mainlanders are spoiled by the movie scenes. The metropolitan side is totally instilled in their mind. Well, you can say the Tourism Board did a bravo branding.

The other side of HK is always neglected, which is more authentic. We are still using bamboos to hang our clothes; the irreplaceable street food is everywhere; old people plays Chinese chess in the parks…… I really love this authentic side of HK, do you?


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