Here and There … HK Phil X Lea Salonga


Several weeks ago, my friends buzzed me in Facebook Messenger “Lea Salonga is going to visit HK, are you interested in that concert – Lea Salonga, The Voice From Broadway?”. I was too shallow to ask “Who is she?”. In HK, where kids sing Disney songs in Cantonese, are you expecting that we know all the famous international stars? Haha, anyway. She said “The lady who sings Reflection in Mulan and A Whole New World in Alladin!” . Wow, for sure it is the must see concert in 2015. Then, I keep on looping songs from Lea in You Tube for an entire month.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre is still as grand as usual. Instrumentalists were preparing and tuning the instruments. That night was a Broadway and Disney night. HK Phil started with some Broadway Medley. Lea finally walked on the stage and started singing the first song which I am not familiarized. Anyway, she is as funny, charming, confident as usual.

During the whole night, we listened to all the well-known Broadway and Disney song. To three of us, we all agreed that Dont’s Cry For Me Argentina! was obviously the highlight. I swear this is the best version I have ever heard. You can hear the most important element from that song, plus some subtle arrangement from HK Phil. Above all, she really sang too well and touched our heart.

For sure you expected that Reflection and Let It Go would be in the programme list. I almost cried when she sang it, especially when she commented “I dedicate this song (Reflection) to the teenagers who are still finding the way ……” For most of the songs she selected,  they were about finding yourselves and be true to yourselves. She is so sweet to share these experience with these songs.

In the end, we ended the shows with several times of encores – everybody dancing like Dancing Queen and Mama Mia. Last but not least, she dedicated a Filipino song to her root and friends. What a touching show and an amazing voice!

Just be yourself, and try hard to achieve. You will be as bright as Lea.


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