Inspiration… Valentine’s Day

2015Valentine's DayHappy Valentine’s Day! May you enjoy a sweet Valentine’s day with your soul-mate!

Hopefully you know that Valentine’s Day originates from Christianity. Well, Hong Kong is not a Catholic city (or your can say “Country”). Plus, my BF is a Buddhist. He always commented ” Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a luxurious restaurant is like falling into the cunning marketing strategy.” Well, he is definitely realistic. What he stated is so true in some sense. That’s why we “celebrate” it in a simple way, just like everyday. Here is my 10 tips to spend everyday with your Valentine.

1. Have a Healthy Homemade Dinner. We love vegie, vegie and fishy. Fish fillet is awesome for us as we are so lazy to take out the fish bone.

2. Have some wine or drinks during dinner.

3. Have your own language. He called me “BajajaBaji”. We always say something using our Baji language.

4. Regularly send selfie (Some funny face) to each other. Of course, we do keep in touch through Whatsapp from time to time every single day.

5. Watch movie together. I prefer romantic comedy. He likes action or pure comedy.

6. Reserve some private time for yourself. I am not a person who like sticking with him like a sugarcane. I need some time to deal with this blog, photos and some music. He needs to do the GYM.

7. Pillow talk and talk and talk!

8. Do you do Skype with him/her if you cannot see each other that day?

9. Some good sex is needed. I am not talking about having sex like 50 Shade of Grey or being addictive to it, but regularly 😉

10. Every time you see each other, remember the first you do is to give him a kiss and a hug!


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