Here and There – 5 Tips to have the best CNY ( “When you are single” Version)


1. Practice your big big sunshine smile anytime and anywhere, so that you will not get nervous to earn red pockets.

2. Practice all the greetings to different friends and relatives.
#1: Kung Hei Fat Choi 恭喜發財 to businessman – Wish you good wealth
#2: Lung Ma Jing Sahn 龍馬精神 to elderly – Wish you good health
#3: Ching Chun Seung Zhu 青春常駐to middle aged ladies – Wish you stay young and pretty

3. Before going to the office, plan the most efficient route to different departments to get red pockets LOL.

4. Do not hesitate to eat a lot. It is a time for you to eat all the super yummy dishes with friends and family.

5. Ma Jong or little gambling time! I played Monopoly Deal with my cousins last night, what about you?


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