Inspiration … Tips for those who are choosing their Majors in College

000055770005I always believe that continuous learning is one of the crucial keys to upgrade your life. I recently learn some German because I love its weird ( sorry about that haha) accent. There are several teenage girls in the class who are around 16 years old ( I think I am the mature lady compared to them…… poor). We all know that it is time for them to select their major in university. It is such a difficult decision (At least, for me…). Some parents would hope that you select the subject they want you to study. Meanwhile, peer pressure is something make you feel struggle and start questioning yourselves whether it should be the way to go. Well, I wish there would be somebody told me what I need to be aware of when selecting the majors. Here are the tips I told those teenage girls.

1. Think about what you want to be in the future. Rumor said what you do in the future is not linked to what you studied. Ok, it calls rumor! For most of the subject, there is a significant linkage. For example, you will probably be a civil engineer if you study civil engineering. THINK BIG! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR FAVORITE CAREER WILL BE.

2. That is true that parents and peers’ opinions are worthy. It doesn’t mean that these comments are 100% good for yourself. You are the one who have your own life, not them. Take the suggestions which are closed to your life goal

3. In HK, media, your relatives and the public icons keep on catalyzing materialism. If you think you are a materialistic person, go for Business. If not, think about what your interest you the most or what you do during leisure time normally. Understanding yourselves is very important. Your characters are matters when you select the careers. Come on, an introvert cannot really deal with people, how can he be a well performed PR?

4. Believe yourself 100%! You will do it good if you love that subjects! It is all about passion.

BTW, sometimes I think that I select the wrong subject in HKUST. Well, actually it is not that bad. When you start really believing yourself, you realize that you indeed gain a lot during the university life. In the end, there are still ways to reach your dream career.


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