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I have been longed for Mid-March for a while. There is an “Art Week” in HK. This year, apart from Art Basel and Asia Contemporary Art Show, there is an additional art show – Art Central. Here are some highlights that I saw today.

咁多Art Show 於三月舉行, 我呢D 偽文青就緊係會出動。今年除了有Art Basel, Asir Contemporary Art Show, 仲有多個Art Show – Art Central。以下係一些藉得留意的作品。

Lan ZhengHui RE-THINK                         藍正輝 重塑黑勢
MADE WIGUNA VALASARA After Michaelangelo: Creation of Adam A piece between 2D and 3D on cavas.
Hu WeiYi                                                Flirt
Philippe Pasqua

I am not an art expert. However, I really enjoy visiting the galleries and art shows. Anyway, I had a little chat with a gallery owner several days ago. We all agreed that Street Art – Graffiti as Art Collection is getting popular, which you can really see it in the art shows this year.

雖則我並非Art Piece 的買手, 但我十分享受行Art Show 的感覺。早兩天跟一個Gallery Owner 聊天, 大家都覺得來年Street Art 街頭文化中的Graffiti 不只局限於室外, 開始會慢慢變成Art Collection 的一部份。於今年的Art Show, 都可見到Graffti 的影子。


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