Throwback Sunday – Almost forgotten Albums

Recently I did not spend time on browsing songs in Spotify. And I got bored of the playlists I have all of a sudden. Therefore, I start reminiscing my almost forgotten albums collection.

Songs from Pete Yorn are kind of underrated. For sure he cannot sing. However, the lyrics and his voice is so sentimental. musicforthemorningafter is one of the most intense albums ever ( I think), which is also the most well-known album of Pete Yorn. Probably you have heard of Strange Condition and Closet. Even you listen to it now, you cannot believe that it was written 15 years ago.

Are there any even more sentimental songs from him? The collaboration between him and Scarlett Johansson – Break Up, which I think it is hugely underrated. Everybody knows that Scarlett Johansson is a sexy icon in terms of the feminine image. Actually, her voice is so deep and sentimental as well. This concept of Break Up is a music journey how the relationship goes. The “Love” concept is not uncommon at all. However, to make a brilliantly emotional one is no easy task. Another credit point is that voices of Pete and Scarlett match amazingly. I just cannot stop looping it this week.

Hope you enjoy it, better to put it in the morning playlist.


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