Here and There – Explore Sai Kung Side

My sweetie lives in Sai Kung, the country side area in HK. During this long Easter Holiday ( Yes, we have Easter Holidays in HK, which there is no formal celebration here. But, you can definitely find some absurd decorations in the shopping malls.) , we had our first Exploration in Sai Kung.

We took a 2.5 hrs walk nearby with our cameras. Keng Pang Ha Road is a trail before entering MacleHose Trail Stage 4. It is already burning hot in April. Here, you cannot find deer or some precious animals. Still, you can see a lot of insects.

DSC_1119 okI am so lucky to have a soul mate who crazily love taking photos as well. At least, he will not get bored when I use 5 minutes for 1 shot.

DSC_1087 ok

DSC_1073 okAnother credit is to my uncle who lent me a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm len. It is such a gooooooood lense.


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  1. I never expected to see so much lush vegetation around HK when I visited. It was definitely a bonus!

    1. swingsnowman says:

      Yes exactly! There are a lot of outlying islands as well 😉

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