Whatever choice you made is the best decision you will have

It was a disaster in last two weeks.

I had made a decision to move to a startup company. Two weeks before my last day, HR tried to retain me by offering a better position. Wow…… It is hard to make a decision.

Working in a MNC for sure gives you stability, provides you a chance to grow stably and slowly. It is like a greenhouse with all the protection. Of course, you cannot avoid some office politics in a huge company. My role was more like change management involving a lot of internal communication. Well… It looks like it was not completely aligned with what I want to be at the end of my life. That is why I would like to jump to a startup company.

Once opportunities come, GRAB IT.

My family and friends really support me, concerning about how this will change your life, how your career path will be changed…… I did struggle terribly.

One day, I received a msg from my dear mentor.
He said, decision you have made must be the right one. No regret. Then, I realize that, you are the one who determine the ending of every choice.


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