Bitchyyyyy, ew!

I was crazily busy for two whole weeks. I have just finished my kindergarten level German examination. Plus, the Mother’s day has passed. I have coordinated several events to celebrate the Mother’s Day.

One of the event was crossovered with the most popular online fashion and beauty forum in HK. The participants were the members of this forum. Basically, the company I work in prepared everything for the event, from the venue selection to logistic flow. During that day, we set up and followed the event flow. Well, the “managers” and “editors” from that forum finally arrived.

For sure they were pretty ladies, with sort of heavy make-up. Ew…! Those bossy managers and editors started bossy around and gossiped together. From the gesture and tone, you realized that they were some kind of bitchy gossip girl. Of course, they are not as IT girls as Queen B and S. They just ignored their members throughout the whole event until the last minute – shouting the slogan of the forum and taking group photos.

Well, I am not buzzing how awful that day was. The fact that pretty girls with bitchy heart are everywhere in hk is not a big news. I should not be surprised. However, it is my first time to see the bitchy ladies who were bossy around the customers like that.

Mostly, it is quite frankly true that most pretty ladies are bitchy like hell. Being generously kind is getting rare now.


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