Carrots- the Trend

Last Thursday, I helped set up some floral decoration in the party hosted by an interior design house. Chilling, barbecue, wines, what a night!

One interesting and healthy thing in the barbecue party was that natural organic vegetable was served to all the guests. Some whole fresh carrots, boiled sweet potatoes, beetroots, etc. All the guests bit the carrots together. That’s funny though.

In HK, normally we have grilled potatoes and mushrooms for barbecues, or some salads for the healthy family. Whole carrots and beetroots for barbecues? It’s really my first time and kind of surprised by it.

It is absolutely uncommon to have fresh carrots, cucumber or celery as snack in HK. I remember once I took some well cut fresh carrots as snack to the lectures, all the other classmates just stared at me. I know, it was way too healthy. Having healthy self-prepared snacks is not a HK style. We are too spoiled to easily reach the Japanese snack stores, which sells crappy snacks. This makes us have a strange feeling to those who live naturally and healthy. Now, who is the weirdo?

Anyway, on the next day after the barbecue, I found a guy who was enjoying his carrot while walking on the street. Carrot 😉

P.S. Here is the floral decoration, yeah!



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