Throwback Thursday …

It is way too aweful that approximately 95% of musics in top chart are electronic / DJ / Dance/ Remix music. I am just too mature to listen to I really really really really really like you thing ( Though I despise it, I indeed cheer myself up with I really really really really really like you).

This song just light up my every mornings 😉 I do not really understand the meaning or be exposed to the environment she wanted to depict. It just makes me happy for whole day.

Humm, why can’t I really have that sensational feeling like Joni Mitchell?
1. I was not born in 1960. I was born in 1990
2. I am in HK – the most congested city – paved paradise? – Maybe we are already in a paved paradise.
3. I am in HK – one of the most advanced city – I haven’t met a farmer before. ( YES!!!!!)
4. People do not have this interest to stop an think about the music……
5. We have already been used to listen to the crappy music.  Who is Joni Mitchell?

P.S. 1 Undoubtedly, Joni Mitchell is one of the most gifted songwriter in the world.

P.S. 2 The pink maxi she wore in this youtube was so refreshing. If I was in this height, I would definitely wear it with some floral hair clipssss.


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