Little Stuff #20 Summer Sapphire

150612 Summer BlueI frazily (freaking crazy) love blue colour. I can just wear entirely blue like a stupid girl. Indeed, I think that blue is exclusively designed for summer! The sky, the sea are blue, blue, blue.

This summer, every girl on the street wears midi skirt with stripe. No doubt about that. I am not a elegant lady… Lace skirt or see-through one doesn’t suit on me  The easiest midi dress to mix and match is the striped one in jeans cotton or jeans material.

Buying a pair of sneakers is no easy task for me. Since I totally make indecision when I do shopping, buying sneakers is obviously no easy task for me – Too many brands, a myriad of colours in sassy or vintage style. Last time, I spent for an hour on the street to look for the perfect pair. Finally, I got the Reebok Hexalite in vintage style. Maybe you will ask why not entire white or black? Because they are far to trendy for me ;P

Hk is a crazy city that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor during summer can be up to 10 degrees. Can you imaging how cold it is on the bus? Scarf is a must-bring item when you go out. It is light and carry-able item which protect you from the icy air-con environment. What type of scarf do you have?


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  1. Nice pieces 🙂

    I’m expandting my fashion blog and it’d be lovely if you could give me a few tips! Hope you have a nice day!

    1. swingsnowman says:

      Thank you! I love your blog too. Cheers 😉

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