Here and There … Yujia Wang Piano Recital

Recently, I went for a recital of Yujia Wang, the famous female Chinese pianist. (Actually, we planned to go for the orchastra performance. Yet, we bought the wrong tickets lol!) Yuja Wang The performance included Sonatas of Chopin, some Preludes of Scriabin and Islamey of Ballakirev. Well, recital is a bit boring for me, even though I play piano regularly. Compared with the performance of Philharmonic Orchestra, the timbre of recital is certainly not affluent enough. Then, why will you go for a recital performance? 1. To purely enjoy the music – Still, the environment of the concert hall is super worthy! 2. To support your favourite pianist. 3. To wholeheartedly admire the technique the pianist has. 4. To embrace the classy environment. Yujia Wang’s performance was utterly bravo! Maybe she is not the best pianist to play Chopin. Yogi Wang is a petite size girl However, you cannot underestimate her technique at all! She can surprise you with the masterpiece of Chopin, not only the nocturne, but also the songs with powerful explode like Sonata! “Relax yourself and let the end of your fingers touch the keyboard!” my teacher told me. This is the way to play the powerful song! Come on! It is entirely contradicted. How can you be relaxed and powerful at the mean time? That’s why her technique is completely worthy of a ticket! For sure I am now looking forward to the some more Orchestra performance in the coming year!


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