Here and There … Transfigurations


Last week, I was excitedly looking forward to go for the opening of our friend’s exhibition on Friday – Transfiguration. 

Transfigurations is a collection of portraits of beautiful women by artist Koscos. Filled by a well mixture of layers, the expressive portraits were painted with Oil on Canvas. The portraits are so powerful that you can definitely feel the pursuit of freedom, determination, sorrow, hope and so much more. You can see that his drawings are more impressively expressive than before. 


So, one key question of this collection is that where do the girls come from? We just made fun on him “All the girls were his girlfriends!” Who knows? Just kidding! Some of the girls on the portraits are the random girls he met on the street. Finding their look is interesting, he took some photos of them and just painted the portraits.


I totally adore this exhibition! Please visit Koscos’s website if you find it interesting.


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      Thanks for your support!!

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