Wow I am a Fiancee now!!


I finally realize how a proposal is!! My sweet Baji and I got engaged!!! It was a super duper gruppa sweet proposal.

We planned to have a dinner in our friend’s place on Thursday. Bali said it would be a classy dinner and be on time ( Well, I thought that it’s no way to be classy at that place since that friend can’t be matched with classy and punctual at all!). We arrived and had some drinks. All of a sudden, the host said there would be some video to show. Just for several second, I already bursted into tears.

OMG it’s a proposal video! It is not only a video about him and me. Baji also invited our friends from different parts of the world, cousins and my parents into this video, which I totally had no clues about it. Well, I remember I told you to ask my parents’ permission before the proposal, otherwise it would be a “No” for sure haha. And you really made it utterly!! My dad and mum enjoyed it a lot. I am still so touched about it…

I completely cried like a baby. You suddenly brought a bouquet of flower and the engagement ring, and knelt down. I was so emotional that I could not speak anything, but just nodded. ( I should have say something cooler! like asking why should I marry you etc. ).

Sometimes I do day dream about how my future husband propose to me (since I am a girl still), would it be in a super romantic restaurant doing cheesy stuff? In fact, the proposal you made cannot be more perfect for us. Thanks my Baji so much!


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