Throwback Thursday … Beatrice Eli – Trust Issues

I was first attracted by the electronic soul and psychedelic in this music. I was like ” The one is perfect with Happy Stone!” Trust Issues is kind of similar to the Lana Del Rey’s songs. I was thinking if Lana Del Rey released her new song. When Beatrice sang

If it could happen once it could happen twice

, I know that it is the “Next” sound. Lyrics is obviously beautifully heartbreaking and subtle. The synthesis of the music is also the credit point. It induces the essence of psychedelic soul.

The Swede singer, Beatrice Eli, released her debut in 2012. Her music is relatively innovative, in a way of showing female power. It is a bit experimental for those who mostly listen to mainstream. It reminds me of the Christiania in DK, the hippie place where all the cultures are mixed together ( Plus, you can buy “Happy!” there). I guess it is just a common north European style – All the freedom, the feminism, the lust.


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