Moving Out Tips for Young Couples – Plan for Your Moving Out


My bad that I skip posting for two weeks. Reason behind was that I was super busy for moving out. My Bean and I decided to start living together (Not entirely actually. I will partly live with him, partly with my parents before marriage.)

From choosing the flats till selecting the furnitures, all of these tasks are challenging. Here in the coming weeks, I will write something related to moving out.

I totally understand why some couples break up when they live together, especially the couples who have just known each others for several weeks. It is a huge challenge of your understanding about each others. Therefore before moving out, you really need to plan thoroughly. Heart to heart talk and planning does not only cover about the financial scope, it should also includes selecting the location which suits both of you, whether you both can deal with each other, your living habits, etc.

We both are slightly tight financially. We would like to minimise the renting cost so that we could save for other purpose (P.S. the renting cost is HK is hilariously ridiculous). Meanwhile, traveling to work for 1.5 hour is the last thing I want everyday. A place closed to our work place would just be perfect. Hence, we decide to stay at old district, which is 30 min to my and his work place.

After selecting the location and dealing with some tedious procedures from property agency, it’s time to face one of the most exhausting part – selecting furnitures……

Little hints – No matter how small your place is, it’s better to get some plants and candles, it immediately turns your place into a cozy homie.


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