Throwback Thursday … Love Psychedelico – Last Smile

I am so excited that I really cannot wait until the Clockenflap this year. I was taking a look on the artists list. I found that Love Psychedelico is invited! OMG!

Love Psychedelico was one of my favourite 10 years ago. I am not kidding! I still remember how hit Last Smile was. That was the era that people still listen to “Real” music.

Do I know Japanese? Obviously nope! But who fucking cares? We all love Love Psychedelico because their style is so fresh – mostly solely with guitar and some drums , which was quite unique 10 years ago. Plus, the most unique element of them is that they contain some American Pop essence. It is not only due to the chorus which comprise some lyrics written in English, but also about the whole image. Hence, listening to Love Psychedelico at those time was a super trendy thing.

Well, time really flies.


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