Moving Out Tips for Young Couples – The Terrible Week Before Moving In – (1)


At first, selecting furnitures together is a crazily excited activity for every couple as this symbolises a building your own home by you both. Yet, be prepared of the furniture shopping disaster…

Firstly, for sure you need to list down the essential furnitures to be bought and measure the size of the area you would like to place those furnitures. For me, obtaining these measurements is already enough. Luckily that my Bean remembered the most important thing – the width and the height of your entrance! It would be beyond disappointed if the huge comfy sofa cannot go in. At that moment, I realise that the role of male in a family is crucial.

Next is SHOPPING TIME! Seriously, we spent SIX HOURS in total in IKEA. We took a glance of all the products first so as to gain some ideas what we require at home. Bowls, dishes, candles……. all the pieces and pieces are way more than you can imagine! Now, you can create the list of what you need for home.

Taking a short break, we went back to IKEA and fought again. Shopping is normally fun for girls. Yet, shopping for SIX HOURS is just devastating. You need to get adapted to the crowded environment and cramp. Everything starts to get annoying. This is the moment you both easily start the fight! Another challenge to your relationship. Fortunately, I possess the amazingly high level of EQ haha.

“WOW! How can we move all of them back home?” Even IKEA provides the delivery service for bulky furnitures. We still need to find a way to transport all the pieces and pieces. In HK, the GoGoVan App could certainly helps! Normally the carpark is just right next to the check out counters. Hence, you do not really need to worry about the transportation.

Here is another tips. Bean and I are not from the well off. Monthly payment would definitely help us a lot. You can check if paying by any specific credit card could allow you to do monthly payment.

Well…… actually this was only the beginning of this terrible week.

P.S. We both love putting our photos in the living room. It make our home even more cozy.


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