Moving Out Tips for Young Couples – The Terrible Week Before Moving In – (2)


Moving in together perhaps implies that the couple need to share more responsibilities.

I am so glad that my Bean basically settled down tons of things by himself, as I have a long working hr and he was taking a short break after finishing the PhD. Plus, he is not a local. Doing cleaning and grocery shopping for him is a bit difficult as people in old district here in HK do not really speak English. Still, he managed all the tedious stuff perfectly.

Cleaning the apartment, waiting for the delivery of bulky furnitures and the set-up of internet etc occupied you whole day. You need to put some effort on cleaning the house even the landlord claimed that they have cleaned it already.

We found that it’s super dusty here which made me a bit frustrated. Sometimes I really do not know where the dust come from. Maybe from the air-con or the curtain, anyway, just make sure you clean the house completely before the set-up of furnitures.

Ta-dah, it was time to move in. ” Wait, you need to select the best time to move in” my mum told me.

Believe it or not – here in HK, middle-aged people are indeed quite traditional. They mostly believe in Feng Shui. Doing some important activities at the selected time slot will bring you good luck in the future. So we just did what my mum commanded. Well, how can you disobey mum’s order?

We got in the apartment and put the pillow on the bed at the exact time slot. This symbolise “Never need to worry about anything” in Chinese slang. Boiling the water with the new kettle implies having better development in the future. And we wish we will have great future here after as always.


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