Throwback Thursday – Yanni – World Dance

How do you normally start your day on Sunday? We have our power breakfast together with super nice music.

This Sunday, our breakfast theme song is the World Dance of Yanni. I was so shallow that I had no idea who Yanni is until my BF introduced me. I immediately fell in love with Yanni’s music.

Well, probably everybody knows Yanni. Yanni is the Greek-American composer, multi-instrumenlist and music producer. His type of music is mostly world music, some fusion of soft rock, jazz etc. You just cannot find his music in mainstream.

When you see his concert, you will be totally amazed by how he maximises the capability of each instrument to create the exotic music. Here in the World Dance, it was like several instruments were under a competition created by Yanni. The speed of all instruments went super fast. The pitch range was as wide as possible. Mixing the classical music with the contemporary drum set leverages the music experience to another level.

Even you are not a fans of classical music, you will love it because of the exotic timbre and the passion in their performance.


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