Moving Out Tips for Young Couples – Start building your own family value


I always have mum & daughter’s talk and I utterly cherish this intimate moment with mum. She always teaches me how to manage the family matters, different relationships and a lot of secret talks.

I truly believe that those core values, under the evolvement against time, are quite true. I have seen several examples from my friends which made me realise that the tradition family value cannot be underestimated.

I come from a sort of traditional chinese family, a huge family indeed. There are at around 40 family members including all the aunties, uncles and cousins etc. None of the couples in my family got divorced! I think it is mostly because all of us take the family responsibilities serious. And the most important thing is that we cherish the FAMILY DINNER a lot! No matter it’s a festive family dinner or just regular daily dinner, having it together is vitally important for family to communicate. These pieces and pieces construct my family value.

Yet, moving in together and getting married is about a massive combination of two persons. Integrating your family values together is a great challenge, especially for the interracial relationship. Lucky that my Bean is from Sri Lanka. Plus, he grew up in a Buddhism family. The difference of our values is not that distant apart.

To integrate and create your own family value, the only and the most crucial way is to TALK! To talk about how you grow up, what made you happy and sad, your psychological issues, the relationship between mum and dad, and all these growing up and family matters. These pieces and pieces filled up the “WHO YOU ARE” now. Take some time and have the heart to heart talk. You will kind of figure out what is the way to construct your family.


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