Throwback Thursday – Radio GAGA

I guess everyone could still remember the LIVE AID in 80s. The performance by Queen was absolutely unforgettable. The moment he interacted with the audience by little echo jamming and all their signature songs is still embarked in our memory. Here it reminds me of Radio GAGA this week.

Indeed, Radio GAGA is not an epic in terms of musical-wise. Yet, the on stage performance of Freddie Mercury leveraged the whole package of this song. He always boosted the tension of Queen’s songs that entire audience joined his performance together, which only a few of artists in this century could reach his level to be honest.

It calls CHARISMA.

Music is all along not only about audio enjoyment, it is also about visual enjoyment or even physical enjoyment. Yet, only a few of true artists could successfully bring the all rounded performance to audience.


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