Throwback Thursday – Forever Young

Sometimes, Oldies are indeed Forever Young.

Some distinct elements of the Oldies can never be neglected. That’s why musicians always use the essence of the Oldies to create some new pieces, for instance, Forever Young from Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson, First Love from Emmy the Great etc.

These unique lyrics and music arrangement from the 80s are absolutely irreplaceable. The Disco beat and Pop Culture began to be fermented in that decade. People did create music using authentic instruments. People did write some lyrics like the poems and bring out some positive energy. You know what I mean.

I am not saying that musicians are in the lack of innovation or overlook the pursuit of creating real music and influencing the culture. It’s just there are too much crappy boring music that being copied and repeated nowadays. Listeners are getting used to these which is not healthy to the whole industry.

That’s why we need to write some Throwback to recall those good days.


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