Here and There … Asia Contemporary Art Show F/W 2015 – Part 2


Another art piece I would really like to share is about HONG KONG! YEAH! Inspired by the authentic local Hong Kong people, Clair Billson, who is a British born lady and lives in HK now, depicts the local HK culture. As a HK local, I am entirely connected with the paintings. Once you are in HK for a day, looking at the street, you will understand why.


Fashion is always a crucial element in art. Or, fashion is actually art. Monica – Oil on Wood by Saverio Lucci demonstrates how women look in different style of dress. The details on the painting are way beyond subtle. The luxurious crystal on the paint are lively. Plus, oil on wood are quite rare in the show. If I am better-off, I would definitely collect this one.


Well, it really calls contemporary art! Maddi ” I Paint Music” . Speechless! See the power, passion and wildness. Another piece you should collect!

Why do I typically select these several pieces on these latest two posts? Because I love art ( even though I am not an art student) and indulging yourselves at artistic environment could definitely make you wiser. Just broaden your mind 🙂


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  1. Claire says:

    I adore the painting in the middle. A three quarter length portrait seems kind of unusual (to me at least, I’m no expert!) and the subject looks so strong and powerful – love it!

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