Home Party … Just Can’t be More Perfect


How do you find Home Party? I LOVE IT!

Last weekend, my dear Bean and I were invited to a home party. It was actually a celebration of a Greek Friend’s Name Day. I just realise that Greek would not only celebrate their birthday, but also their name day. They indeed have a calendar of name days. One of our friends joked about it “Since the Greeks are so boring to have too few names, they need to celebrate their Names Day!”.

Everybody knows that the apartments in HK are absurdly tiny. Still, more than 30 people stand inside the 1,000 sq. ft apartment, with the wine on hand and awesome Spotify music. That’s how the party go. Everyone just chatted, chilled, joked around, danced and stayed drunk. Almost at the mid-night, everybody got high and totally drunk. Most importantly, we shared the “Happiness”. Hueeeeee

I just love Home Party, no matter it’s with friends or family. It’s all about sharing food & drinks, recent stuff and thoughts, gathering and get some new friends. You can stay there for freaking long hours, while gathering at cafe outside actually would create some disturbances, especially when you all laugh extremely loud ( Since my laugh is always the loudest, all customers at the restaurants would just stared at me… how embarrassed it is).

P.S. Just realised that people who live right next to the sea are obsessed with hammock. There are already at least 3 hammock in a 4- rooms apartment.


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  1. ~ carmen ~ says:

    Sometimes a home party can be the best because you can enjoy good company without the stress of dealing with a foreign location. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. swingsnowman says:

      Can’t agree more! Just love that relaxed atmosphere 🙂

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