Waking up in the morning and browsing FB, I was noticed by the safe check. I started wondering WTF was that. Clearly reading the wordings, I realised that some of my friends were safe through the Paris Attack. Then, browsing the NewsFeed, I was completely shocked right after! After reading the BuzzFeed, I felt deep sympathy to the French and started getting nervous, because I presumed that it is only the beginning. And hopefully I am wrong.

Early in September, we had a chat with our Macedonian friend since he just dropped by HK for several days. We were talking about the matter of refugees crisis. Thousands of refugees passed through Macedonia each day. Some conquered the highway or used it as the football pitch. Everybody could understand that the situation is getting chaotic and catastrophic.

We debated whether or not to accept the refugees. Well, the fact is that you cannot avoid them crossing the border and embracing Europe. If you believe in humanity, human beings should have the right of possessing a safe shelter, being treated equally. You will definitely escape from Syria if you were one of the Syrian. Yet, you just never know who belongs to ISIS among of tons of them. No matter how advanced the immigration registration system is, it just cannot handle the chaotic overload. Recognising terrorists from millions of them right away is basically impossible.

Therefore, we thought that there will be a chance that some of the refugees may be assigned from ISIS…… Indeed, those terrorists can attack Europe step by step easily, due to the failure of handling the overloaded immigrants. Maybe the Paris Attack is just the beginning. Well, hopefully we are wrong.

For me, to a large extent, Paris and the whole Europe symbolise human legacy. Destroying the entire human legacy is something that a human being should not accept. Just stay strong and stand together, and protect the human legacy.


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