Happy Graduation!

This post is a bit personal. But I am still so so so happy for my lovely Bean. Happy Graduation!!


“You worked hard, like really really HARD.” Really that’s what I felt several months ago. And that’s the moment I realise that earning a PhD is indeed so damn hard. Discovering some new and exploring the unknown factors can only be succeed by perseverance and diligence. It’s just crazy. “No Pain, No Gain” is always true in everywhere. That’s really what I learn from my dearest Bean.

Yet, here is one thing, the perception to PhD or Doctor is that they are extremely stiff, boring and technical. It’s true that most of them are smart. In fact, they are just crazy weirdo like the rest of us. At the end of the day, Bean still needs to do our weekly cleaning and accompany me to the wet market :P.

Still still still, I am so happy for you, like way more happier than my own graduation.

P.S Going back to HKUST really makes me feel so proud of being one of the alumni there.


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