851308342_4842Again it’s the Clockenflap month!! Again it’s the beer and “happy” time!!

Undoubtedly, the scale of Clockenflap, 27-29 Nov 2015, booms in a rocket speed, especially in these recent three years. The line-up in 2013 included Franz Ferdinand and CHIC ft. Nile Rodger, Ozomatli and the Vaccines in 2014. This year, Clockenflap had invited Love Psychedelico (Scream!!!!), Damien Rice (Yellllll!!!!), Clean Bendit (Oooooooh!!) and once again CHIC ft. Nile Rodger. This gigantic scale of international artists performing at the same time indeed rarely happens in Hong Kong or even Asia.

Love Psychedelico brought certain impact about Japanese culture in HK around 8-9 years ago as I remember. They are the unique Japanese band that can sing in English. Songs including “Last Smile”, “Lady Madonna” are just so different from the others cheesy Japanese alternative rock. The fluent melody like lullaby makes you sing with them immediately even though you are an idiot in Japanese. One funny thing of their performance in Clockenflap is that – we all agreed that Kumi, the lead singer of Love Psychedelico perhaps is the only singer who smiles entirely when she performs rock music.


The second highlight for me was that I saw Anthony Wong!!!!! One of the most influential Cantonpop male singer in HK!!!!!! He was singing all the remarkable 80s songs, YMCA, Express Yourself… WOW!!!! It was my honour to see him in such a closed distance!!! OMG!!!
His slightly androgyny style and music in late 80s to 90s was completely on the edge. The idea of erotic was seldom openly discussed in HK at that period, he managed to sang those idea in an classy way.

There are still a lot more to share, see you in next post!


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