Clockenflap Yeah Yeah!!!

CHIC ft Nile Rodger

CHIC ft Nile Rodger was again in HK since 2013!!!! This time, he grooved the crowd even harder! WOW!! The medley of 80s disco music turned everybody on! Seriously, Like a Virgin, We’re Family etc made the whole crowd dance like crazy!  Well, Luca, the kid of our friend and I obviously had a lot of fun (Especially when we were on the shoulders :)) !


Well, it’s really no kidding that you cannot see the end of the crowd at all at CHIC ft Nile Rodger’s performance. Clockenflap now turns to be more popular than each year. It indeed is the key carnival of HK, not even HK, maybe the South East Asia! I heard that the Portuguese from Macau said “I NEED CLOCKENFLAP!” Even some British living in Singapore flew to HK only for Clockenflap.

It is not common for Asian to get exposed to the culture of Music Festival since we do not have this kind of chance. Yet, everybody needs cultural activity to hang around. People need to breathe, relax and learn to enjoy – that’s something that the local local seldom understand. In this intense moment, I really hope that our lovely government could show their support to these cultural activities.

We need some more Clockenflap.


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