Throwback Thursday … Alicia Keys – Lesson Learnt

I was a huge fans of Alicia Keys ( and John Mayer as well). She tremendously influenced me music-wise – from A Woman’s Worth in Songs in A Minor, If I Ain’t Got You and Diary in the Diary of Alicia Keys, live performance in Unplugged (Actually I have watched Unplugged for more than 10 times… lol) and Lesson Learnt in As I Am. I feel like the pieces she written has been changed from deeply soulful to pop R&B. Yet, they mostly are related to feminism, being yourselves etc.

Years later, it turns to be a bit boring. Each song is featured with “Awwwwww… “, like “No One, No One, No Oneeeeeeeeawwwwwww” in No One or “This Girl is on Fireeeeeeeawwwwww!”. Well, even my mum thinks that her songs turn to be boring now. That’s why, for me, it’s better to reminisce the old time…….

Music Industry is just like Project Runway, like Heidi Klum said “Today you are in, next day you are out!” It’s great to write the songs you are good at. Meanwhile, audience is looking for something new as well.


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