Here and There -2015 X’mas in Guilin


Finally my fiancé and I took a short break to escape from the hustle in Hong Kong. We selected Guilin as a long awaited trip’s destination.

We had an overnight stay in a motel at ShenZhen on 24 Dec, so as to get on the high speed railway train at 8:30 next day in the morning at ShenZhen North. It’s just 200CNY for 1 night at a super clean and neat room. That’s pretty much reasonable.

We booked the high speed train in advance on . It reduces so much chaos of waiting on a queue to buy tickets and running around at the train station. You know that the high speed railway train stations at the key cities in China are dramatically tremendous. It’s super awesome that China have upgraded the ticket selling process for tourists. The most important thing you need to bare remind for the online ticket purchase is that – Make sure you enter the correct passport no. , because the ticket pickup procedure requires you to type in the passport no. as validation.

It took us around half hour to reach Guangzhou, another 3 hours to reach Guilin. It was quite comfy on the train, and I now enjoy travelling in China by train.

After arrival, we had lunch and immediately check in at hotel at the city centre. It was already 3pm. We then just walked around. There are numerous sight seeing spots next to hotel. The famous one is the Elephant Trunk Hill, and “Sun and Moon Tower by Fir Lake”……



With the commercial buildings surrounding the pagoda, we started to worry about whether Guilin is an overrated city. Anyway, we then went for massage and prepared for the Li River Bamboo Boat trip.


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