After the bamboo boat trip, we headed to the small town nearby Xingping and waited for the coach to pick us up to Silver Cave.
P.S. Chinese government should make some more effort to preserve this kind of old traditional village. They are just awesome!


Why is it named by Silver Cave? Because water on limestone shines like silver when there is light. That’s true if there is no creepy green/red/blue light.


Please tell me why Chinese people love creepy light setting in a pitch dark area! Don’t they feel weird? Honestly, this is the first impression of Silver Cave to me. I guess it will look way better without the blizzard light setting.


The cave is insanely huge that we walked for around 2km inside the cave! I really thought that the massive cave would only happen in the Lord of the Ring. It turned out this kind of dwarf cave really exists in reality. That is so amazing!

As a matter of fact, Silver cave is a Karst landscape. The cave is still under the formation. You can see water dropping out from the limestone inside. It is because of the dissolution of the soluble rocks like limestone. Under this drainage, that is why you can see some small ponds inside the cave.

How come there is unlimited water drop? Because the huge mountain absorbs the rain and mist, with the soluble rock structure, water leaks and form different cylinder shapes of rock.


Walking inside the cave is no easy task for me as I am an oxygen-sensitive person. On the halfway, I already feel dizzy and in the lack of oxygen. At the latter part, I didn’t really enjoy well.

After the Silver Cave, we headed back to Guilin City centre. Awesome.

P.S. I do not understand why every time my Bean and I go for a trip, stranger would approach us and say Bean is so handsome and muscular. Hmm…


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