Longji Rice Terraces, 62 km from Guilin. It’s another amazing place to visit in your life time.

We planned to go there by bus. Upon arrival of bus terminal in Guilin, we realised that the bus stop of the bus to Longji is relocated to somewhere else. All of a sudden, an old guy came and asked whether he could drive us there for 100 CNY. We then get on his car.

Lucky that we got on his car. It’s quite troublesome to visit Longji Rice Terraces.
First, it far away and there is no highway to there.
Second, the spot of terraces are located at different area. After arriving at the ticket office, you need to change to the shuttle bus there to reach the terrace field. The frequency is 1 bus eat hour.
Seriously, I saw several tourists trying hitchhiking but in vain.DSC_1932

From the riverside to the mount top, the terrace field is located between 600m to 800m above from sea level. It was built around 650 years ago.

You can take a cable car to reach the top and hike back. It is only 70 CNY. It was absolutely a terrifying experience. On the cable car, you heard some “jijiji” sound… Anyway we were safe!


Mountains after mountains are endless terrace field, where ethnic minorities grow crops in this 650 years. Wave after wave of terrace field is just too overwhelming for us.

With the water filled on the rice field, the reflection of water looked absolutely gorgeous!


When I stand on top of the mountain, with one deep breathe, look at the other side of the endless mountains, I realise how small human being is.



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