Wooooo… Yes I Got Married!

Yes I Got Married!! ( That is one of the reason I skipped blogging this for a while, my lazy)

Actually we have just planned for the wedding for maximum 2 months. And we successfully made a simple but super warm wedding, which contains the element of Chinese and some western culture.

There are a lot of things I would like to share. Some are interested in how we arranged the wedding, or why we make it in 2 months while most of the couples plan for it for 1 year. Plenty of friends asked me if there is any changes after the wedding, and how do I feel of becoming a wife at the age of 25, and a lot.

How do you feel of being a wife at the age of 25?

It might be slightly early for me to get married at the age of 25. I still consider myself not entirely mature enough to enter another page of life. Yet, I realise that I have found the one who seems to quite understand me, or whom I can call him soulmate. Here is the motto – Never miss any chance! So that’s why I accept the proposal.


Indeed, I am so grateful for what I have at this moment. I have the parents who support the idiotic and stubborn daughter, the husband who just wants me happy and find my way to live in this life. In exchange, we both need to be more responsible. I would like to say, rather than responsible, it’s actually be reasonable.

Last year, I have met several middle aged lady. I can brutally say that single life at that age is pathetic. Reason is that once you have reached certain achievements and can easily obtain high quality life standard, you will take being treated as a queen for granted. These ladies seem to have everything in their lives, yet mostly not including a stable relationship. I can always see the loneliness from their eyes. You can say that what is wrong of being single. There is nothing wrong. Yet, at the end of the day, you just want somebody to hug at late night and share the stupid things you have done.

So far, I am still so grateful I have found the one who allow me to hug with the icy hands and listen to my stupidity. Not bad, right?


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