Secret Treasure at the Urban Area ・城市森林裡的寶藏

Where is the closest green park around you? Well, I guess it is a bit hard for you to figure it out if you are living in Hong Kong. I can only name several famous parks in Hong Kong. Actually, we d… Source: Secret Treasure at the Urban Area ・城市森林裡的寶藏 I am now having another…

Random Capture … at MEF, Kegalle

During the Sri Lanka trip, I spent one week on volunteering at Millennium Elephant Foundation, MEF. That is one of the life changing decision for me. Stay tuned for my day at MEF here.

Random Capture … Portrait at Galle

P.S. I am so sorry that I was in Sri Lanka for last two weeks, which I was quite disconnected from the internet (Just poor network and my crappy phone. Terrible! ) Anyway, I had a wonderful trip. I will share all the things I have gone thru during the trip.